new dating in usa 2016 - 3 dating challenges short guys

I think generally that guys who go for taller women are pretty dynamic individuals.” In other words, look at your height as a gatekeeper that only allows the truly worthy shorter men into your inner circle.

Mary, 27, from Woodbridge, NJ, is 5’8” and has dated a handful of shorter men, including her current boyfriend.

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But we had a real connection, and I know now that’s what counts.” the fact that you’ve got some inches on him. For starters, walk into a room arm in arm and you’re bound to get some odd looks. He said it didn’t matter to him, but people couldn’t help but comment on it and make some pretty embarrassing jokes,” says Richelle.

“Once, we were asked if he stood on the curb to kiss me!

“He made me feel like a treasure and celebrated my difference more than anything else.

I was proud of my height before we met, but his love and acceptance have made me feel more comfortable with our four-inch height difference.” And there’s no reason to relegate your high heels to the back of the closet when you have a self-confident guy in your corner.

” To keep the wisecracks to a minimum, many women abandon their heels in favor of flats.

But even then, the undue attention can sometimes be unbearable.

who’s just shy of six feet, had a male coworker spell out to her why she’s so often left on the sidelines.

“We were at our holiday party, and a coworker who’s around my height asked if I’d like to dance.

“My husband is really the one that made me start to embrace my height,” says Erin.

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