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I don't know how many of you see the same ad, I don't know how many people click on it (but evidently it's enough), all I do know is that each and every time I see it, I get a little bit angry and that is something that is very hard for me to do. They seem to view marriage as dating 2.0 and it's "till problems or boredom do us part". If you aren't happy where you are or with what you are doing, CHANGE IT. And it sure as hell beats letting everyone around you suffer as well, especially those you have promised to honor and cherish. I can understand where you're coming from, & to some extent I agree, however, you can love, honour & cherish your spouse & still have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Why would people want to meet other married people on a dating site? I used to, I used to think it was something great and wonderful and amazing, like true love. Or maybe they won't part, they'll just sleep around and not tell each other and hope the kids don't find out. Until you've walked a mile in someone's shoes, you shouldn't judge.

So should I have suffered silently for the rest of my life, not having sex?

Should I ignore my needs, & give more selflessly than I already have?

Don't click on them, anytime you do a royalty is paid to POF.

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