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Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, calling the bombing "very grave and very harsh", lashed out at Palestinian President Yasser Arafat after speaking to Zinni about the attack."We believe that Arafat has not relinquished his policy of terrorism," Sharon told reporters in Jerusalem.

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Islamic Jihad, which opposes peace moves, called the bombing revenge for the killing by Israeli forces of its leaders and civilians in military attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Police and witnesses said the bomber had got on the bus in the Israeli Arab town of Umm al-Fahm while it was packed with Israeli soldiers, Arab labourers and other travellers on a rush-hour run from Tel Aviv to the Galilee town of Nazareth. Vice President Dick Cheney visited Israel and held out the prospect of an early meeting with Arafat if he enforces a ceasefire blueprint drawn up by CIA director George Tenet."What we expect from him is a 100 percent effort to do everything he can to control the violence and to prevent it," a senior U. official accompanying Cheney on his 11-nation Middle East tour told reporters in Ankara."The attack this morning, if anything, reaffirms the importance of getting on with the whole Tenet implementation plan," the official said.

Seven passengers, including four soldiers, and the bomber were killed and 27 people wounded when the blast tore through the vehicle, spraying body parts and debris across the highway. Witnesses said the bomber, named as Ra'fat Abu Dyak, had blown himself up in the middle of the bus."He argued a bit with the driver..then walked to the centre of the bus, and then I noticed he was wearing a coat and when he sat down I saw something inside," Vadim Weinfus, a soldier on the bus, told Israel Radio."Just as I was going to insert the ammunition clip (into my rifle) to stop this guy somehow - because I was sure this was it - he exploded," Weinfus said.

Condemning the attack, the Palestinian Authority called for a halt to the killing of civilians inside Israel in a conflict that has claimed more than 1,400 lives, three quarters of them Palestinian.

Zinni met Arafat at his West Bank headquarters in Ramallah before holding joint talks with senior Israeli and Palestinian security officials later in the day on the nuts and bolts of the Tenet plan.

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