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The festival was first celebrated in 1903, since then it has been kept going by generations of enterprising people from the valley.

Nowadays the festival has become an international event, visited by thousands of people, both locals and tourists.

‘Old lady’ names are still popular too and this year it's old fashioned names like Ivy up 14 places to 21 closely followed by Elsie up 5 places to 31 and Maisie up 7 places to 42 that are captivating the imagination of new mums and dads.

Now ranked the third most popular name for baby girls in the UK, Isla is a ‘trend name’ that has seen a show-stopping rise in the last decade.

You can also visit the Museum of Roses in Kazanlak.

Nestinarstvoto, which is fire dancing, is one of the oldest Bulgarian traditions.

Set to leave the top 100 in 2018 is Zoe which is down 11 places at 97 along with once popular Maddison down 15 places at 99.

Megan too is just holding on in the Top 100 at 100th place but is down a dramatic 19 places from last year.

In the past, it was practiced in Thrace, and today is preserved only in three villages in the Strandzha Mountain – Bulgari, Brodilovo, and Kosti.

According to some researchers, the ritual roots lay in Bulgaria’s pagan past and is derived from the cult of the Sun in the Thracians.

The day of the ritual starts with a dressing of fire-icons.

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